East Devon District Council

East Devon District Council

East Devon is the largest (in terms of population) of eight local government districts in Devon. East Devon District Council (EDDC) is currently based in Sidmouth, although it is currently considering a move to new premises in Honiton. The largest East Devon town is Exmouth on the eastern bank of the Exe estuary south of Exeter.

The district was formed on 1 April 1974 by the merger of the borough of Honiton with the urban districts of Budleigh Salteron, Exmouth, Ottery St Mary, Sidmouth and the Rural Districts of Axminster, Honiton and part of St Thomas. 

East Devon is covered by the Parliamentary constituencies of East Devon (MP Hugo Swire - Conservative) and  Tiverton & Honiton (MP Neil Parish - Conservative).

Members are elected to East Devon District Council every four years. In the May 2011 elections, of the 59 seats, 43 were won by Conservative party candidates, 10 Liberal Democrats and 6 Independent. 9 of the Conservative candidates were elected without opposition.

Issues facing East Devon include those associated with an ageing population. The 2001 census confirmed that a third of the population in the district were over 60, compared to a national average of 24%. East Devon also had a higher number of people living in 'Medical and Care Establishments' at 1.6% compared to an average across England of just 0.9%.

The responsibilities of East Devon District Council include local planning, council housing, refuse collection, sports and leisure facilities, and street cleaning.

On some matters, the county council share responsibilities with the district and parish councils. These include economic development and regeneration, emergency planning, tourism promotion and coastal protection

Much of East Devon is covered by two Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB);

The East Devon AONB, covering over 100 sq miles, runs along 18 miles of the coastal strip, and includes 29 parishes. It borders the towns of Seaton, Sidmouth and Exmouth, but includes the whole of Budleigh Salterton.

The Blackdown Hills AONB runs along the Somerset:Devon border. It covers 143 sq miles with the highest point at Staple Hill in Somerset (1,033ft above sea level). The area is sparsely populated with a strong commitment to dairy farming.

A challenge for the local community is to protect the AONB areas against inappropriate development. They enjoy the same level of protection as the National Parks of England and Wales which is designed to ensure the long term protection of the natural beauty of the district.

The entire East Devon coastline from Exmouth to the border with West Dorset (west of Lyme Regis in Uplyme) is designated as the Jurassic Coast, World Heritage Site. This area is listed by UNESCO as having special cultural or physical significance.

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Planning Applications

Planning Applications (432)

For ease of reference, Trinity Ward applications are listed under each of the three parishes, Axmouth, Combpyne-Rousdon and Uplyme. You can also access the East Devon District Council Online Planning Service directly by selecting the first items on this menu drop-down.

I have also included a group of Other Applications, which includes applications which lie outside the boundaries of Trinity Ward, but which may have an effect on, or be of interest to Trinity residents.

Select the group you are interested in, to see a list of relevant applications.

Select your chosen application from the list, and then click 'View Full Application Details'.

This will take you straight to the section of the East Devon District Council website which has all the details of that speciific application. If you wish to comment on that application then you can do that here, and your comments will be sent to the EDDC Planning Officer responsible.

Please note that the EDDC Planning Website is maintained by East Devon District Council.

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FAQ's (3)

This section includes the answers to general questions on planning application and policies.

As I try to improve understanding of the activities of East Devon District Council and their potential to affect our lives, a small number of questions come up all the time. I will group here such Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) logically together in topics.

Should new subjects come forward then I will add answers to this section.

From the list below choose one of the FAQ topics, then select an FAQ to read. If you have a question which is not in this section and you think would be of interest to other Trinity Ward residents and visitors please let me know.

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***Weather Update*** advice still not to travel....

The weather situation remains poor in East Devon and advice remains that we should not travel unless absolutely essential.

More bad weather expected...

Met Office Amber and Yellow warnings from yesterday have now expired, but have been replaced by a further Yellow warning of snow and ice. A further 3-5cm is possible with up to 10cm on higher ground. This further snow will be accompanied by high winds.

Out and about, very major roads are open, but beyond that many minor roads are impassable. This is likely to affect rural communities for several days.

To confirm, advice remains that we should not travel.

East Devon District Council Offices

East Devon District Council Offices will remain closed today to ensure staff safety, based on advice from the Police, Highways and disrupted public transport services. Many of our staff are working from home using the IT equipment we now use to allow multilocation working.

Whilst our repairs and gas contractors are busy maintaining an emergency service. We have establised a remote call handling service to ensure that our tenants can still report emergency repair requirements to the council. We are similalry working to continue to support our vulnerable tenants.

Refuse and Recycling

Refuse and recycling services were again suspended early this morning to ensure the safety of our Suez crews. It is possible that a service may be resumed tomorrow (Saturday) which would prioritise refuse, clinical waste and bulky collections.

If your recycling has not yet been collected, we ask that it is brought in and represented next week. (This will apply to part of Thursdays schedule and all of that Friday).

Thanks to everyone who is helping maintain essential services at this challenging time.

Ian Thomas


Aiming High - Delivering better housing opportunities for all in East Devon...

New approved Housing Service Plan will help housing authority, East Devon District Council, meet both affordable housing and private sector challenges  

East Devon District Council’s Housing Review Board has made a series of decisions to improve housing opportunities for council tenants and anyone seeking good quality, affordable housing in the district. Housing is a high priority for the council, which is working hard to deliver its goal of providing a range of decent homes to meet the needs of everyone.

The Housing Review Board has approved an ambitious Housing Service Plan, which sets out the council’s aspirations for housing over the next year, as well as the likely challenges it will face as a housing authority.

Changes in April to homeless legislation is one of the major challenges that East Devon is preparing for. It will do this by increasing resources in the Housing Options team, as well as by improving the rent deposit/bond scheme to assist households access the private rented sector.

A further challenge is to ensure that council tenants are fully supported as the Government introduces Universal Credit in East Devon. The council is keen that tenants are able to claim the benefit they are entitled to, which will enable them to continue to pay their rent.

The Board also approved the budget for next year’s income and expenditure on council homes. This included finance for the acquisition of 26 new council homes to be let at affordable rents, and over £8 million to improve and maintain the council’s 4,300 council homes. Programmes for upgrading kitchens, bathrooms, electrics, etc. were agreed to ensure that council homes provide good quality accommodation for tenants. In addition, the council is ensuring that sufficient funds are provided for fire safety, gas and electrical checks, day to day repairs and the management of tenancies.

Over the past year (2017-2018), East Devon’s Housing Service has delivered a formidable number of achievements that link to the council’s ‘encouraging communities to be outstanding’ priority.

Highlights include:
• The completion of an asbestos removal programme to improve fire safety standards
• Using Right to Buy receipts to acquire 26 properties to add to our council housing stock
• Maintained rent collection 99.8% of rent due
• Supported and organised an ongoing series of community and tenants events
• Maintained high levels of homeless prevention
• Replaced two passenger lifts in East Devon’s two largest sheltered housing blocks of flats
• Installed 130 new kitchens and 140 new bathrooms
• Established a Honiton based mental health support group
• Increased working with Countryside and StreetScene services
• Organised ongoing mental health workshops in Sidmouth as part of a three year project
• Planted community orchards in Exmouth, Budleigh Salterton and Axminster
• Organised community festivals in Axminster, Littleham and Honiton

Cllr Pauline Stott, Chair of the Housing Review Board said:

“This is an exciting time for housing at East Devon as we have just agreed a plan and budget showing that we are investing more into housing in the district in order to achieve our ambitions for our residents. We are working closely with our tenants to deliver the housing service they desire with tenants on our Housing Review Board helping us make decisions that affect their homes. On the agenda at our last meeting we had reports on a wide range of matters that impact on tenants, including our arrangements to maintain tenants’ homes to a high standard and it is valuable to have tenant board members involved in decisions that affect them.”

Cllr Jill Elson, East Devon District Council’s portfolio holder for Homes and Sustainable Communities said:

“We have a proud record of investing in our housing stock for the benefit of our tenants and we make great efforts to ensure that tenants living in the private sector have suitable standards of accommodation. Listing our achievements has been a valuable exercise and is encouraging us to achieve even more in difficult circumstances in the year to come. We are continuously improving our housing services and it is my long held desire to increase our housing stock each year by acquiring or building new homes that can be let at affordable rents.

“Our performance and benchmarking data included in the Housing Review Board agenda shows impressive levels of service delivery, but we are always striving to do better and will not rest on our laurels.”

For further information about East Devon District Council’s housing policies and strategies, please visit the housing pages on the East Devon website http://eastdevon.gov.uk/housing/information-about-the-housing-service/


Spring launch for East Devon’s new green waste fortnightly collection service

New service will cost £48 a year – less than £2 per collection

East Devon is moving forward with plans to introduce a district-wide chargeable green waste collection service this year.

The council is working with partners SUEZ UK to provide a fortnightly chargeable green waste collection service for its residents who have been asking for a reliable district-wide service of this kind for some time.

The council has now approved the proposals and the service is expected to be introduced in Spring 2018.

Many councils across the country successfully operate a chargeable green waste collection service and East Devon is keen to continue to further improve and modernise its recycling and waste service by introducing this new initiative.

The new service will cost £48 a year, with an introductory offer of a free 240ltr green bin. For less than £2 per collection, green waste will be collected from the kerbside of residents’ homes - easy, reliable, recycled. The service is not being subsidised by the council tax payer. 

If you would like to register your interest in the service, please visit www.eastdevon.gov.uk/green  or call East Devon’s customer services on 01395 571515. The council will then contact residents nearer the time with details on how to subscribe. 


East Devon District Council, supports local traders with five month long cheap parking deal for all!

Temporary car parking deal in East Devon will run for five months from 1 November 2017 to 31 March 2018.
A daily parking tariff of just £2 gives access to all EDDC's 41 Pay and Display Car Parks...

Anyone planning to start their Christmas shopping early will be able to take advantage of East Devon District Council’s five-month winter parking special offer.

From 1st November 2017 until 31 March 2018, the daily parking tariff of £2 offers unbeatable value. We can take our time when shopping, as the ticket will cover the entire day, from whenever we arrive until midnight.

The revised timing is a departure from the council’s usual policy of not starting the parking offer until 10am. The council has previously been concerned that there was a risk that some of its prime car parks could become blocked by commuters, but this year it wanted to be as generous as possible and is confident that this simple offer will work well.

East Devon’s temporary tariff will not only support local shops over the run-up to Christmas, but will also help boost trade during the traditionally quieter months of January and February. It won’t just be shops that benefit either, the all-day ticket will, it is hoped, encourage people to use local cafes, restaurants and pubs and to linger longer over a cup of coffee or a meal.

The special offer tickets are available only in East Devon District Council’s 41 pay and display car parks, but does exclude Parkmobile payments and Permit Holders.

We need not be concerned if our ticket does not have an expiry time of midnight printed on it. Parking officers will be checking that the £2 has been paid, which will make our tickets valid for the rest of that day.

Tony McCollum, the chairman of Honiton Chamber of Commerce and Industry, welcomed the extended parking offer and said:

“The offer has been a tremendous success over the past two years across East Devon. I know that traders in my local town of Honiton really benefited from the reduced parking price, which enabled shoppers to spend longer in shops and cafes. The five month reduced tariff will be a real bonus for both locals and visitors and will encourage more people to come out and spend their money. We are immensely grateful to the council for supporting East Devon businesses with this very generous car parking concession.”

Councillor Tom Wright, East Devon District Council’s portfolio holder for the environment, said:

“We want to support businesses in all of our town and village high streets as much as we can through the quieter winter months. All the feedback we have received from last year’s parking offer showed that it was a great success. And the really good news is that not only is the price of all day parking now just £2. You can also use the same ticket in any other East Devon pay and display car park on that day so why not take a tour around to discover something different on offer.

“The ticket will be valid right up until midnight in all of our pay and display car parks in Exmouth, Seaton, Sidmouth, Budleigh Salterton, Beer, Axminster, Honiton, Ottery St Mary, Lympstone or Colyton. We know it’s a tough time for towns, so we want to do all we can to help traders and the district’s Chambers of Commerce. It will be interesting to see how the five month concession affects trade, but first I’d like to thank all our customers who took advantage of our previous offers – your custom was a big boost to the local economy.”

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