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More bad weather to come... More bad weather to come...

The weather situation remains poor in East Devon and advice remains that we should not travel unless absolutely essential.

More bad weather expected...

Met Office Amber and Yellow warnings from yesterday have now expired, but have been replaced by a further Yellow warning of snow and ice. A further 3-5cm is possible with up to 10cm on higher ground. This further snow will be accompanied by high winds.

Out and about, very major roads are open, but beyond that many minor roads are impassable. This is likely to affect rural communities for several days.

To confirm, advice remains that we should not travel.

East Devon District Council Offices

East Devon District Council Offices will remain closed today to ensure staff safety, based on advice from the Police, Highways and disrupted public transport services. Many of our staff are working from home using the IT equipment we now use to allow multilocation working.

Whilst our repairs and gas contractors are busy maintaining an emergency service. We have establised a remote call handling service to ensure that our tenants can still report emergency repair requirements to the council. We are similalry working to continue to support our vulnerable tenants.

Refuse and Recycling

Refuse and recycling services were again suspended early this morning to ensure the safety of our Suez crews. It is possible that a service may be resumed tomorrow (Saturday) which would prioritise refuse, clinical waste and bulky collections.

If your recycling has not yet been collected, we ask that it is brought in and represented next week. (This will apply to part of Thursdays schedule and all of that Friday).

Thanks to everyone who is helping maintain essential services at this challenging time.

Ian Thomas

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