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New Waste and Recycling Service roll out in 2017 New Waste and Recycling Service roll out in 2017

Waste and recycling service changes – Coming in 2017!….

East Devon District Council will be introducing a new recycling and waste service across the district during 2017. Changes will be introduced in two separate phases, starting in the Exmouth area from February 2017 for around 20,000 homes. The new service is scheduled to be rolled out to the rest of us in the rest of East Devon in June 2017.

What will the changes mean for us?

When this change in service is implemented in Uplyme, items we will be able to recycle at the kerbside will be extended to include cardboard, mixed plastics, cartons/Tetra Pak containers and small electrical items.

For each household, we will be given an additional 75 litre reusable sack, for our extra recycling. This can be used alongside our green recycling box and blue food caddy.

Examples of new items we will be able to recycle include; yoghurt pots, plastic meat and vegetable trays, margarine and ice cream tubs, small electrical items such as irons, printed card, egg boxes, tubes from toilet and kitchen rolls, brown cardboard boxes, card from packaging such as toys, clean cardboard food packaging (cereal packets, cardboard sleeves) and much, much more.

Our recycling items and food waste caddies will be collected from the kerbside every week, with grey wheeled waste bins collected every three weeks, rather than two.

Broadband update…

As 2016 ends, it has been another frustrating year for many residents, unable to enjoy an adequate Broadband service.

The first phase network upgrade by BT Openreach, supported by public funding through Connecting Devon and Somerset, is now largely complete. It produced a Superfast service for some, but for those remote from their Cabinet (little green boxes, where lines are concentrated, e.g. near the village hall) it failed to deliver an adequate improvement. Sadly, this was inevitable, with FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) technology chosen by BT Openreach and accepted by UK Government.

BT Openreach public meeting.

It was particularly concerning to hear recently from BT Openreach, that provision of Superfast service for those near to cabinets means that received by those more remote has not improved, rather become SLOWER and LESS reliable for some after ‘fibre’ introduction between the exchange and cabinet than before.

At a recent public meeting in Uplyme Village Hall, organised by Ed Blundell, a BT representative likened connections to a garden hosepipe. If those nearest to the cabinet (tap!) increase their use, it means there is less of the cabinet capacity (water!) available for those people further away. This is inevitable, as internet opportunities expand and speeds of those nearest the cabinet increases.

At the meeting, I collected postcodes from all present to assemble and publish the latest information for each, in respect of their status under Phase 1 of the Connecting Devon and Somerset procurement (where BT Openreach is, like all other areas of the country, the only supplier), the CD&S Voucher Scheme and crucial. current Phase 2 CD&S procurement.

The CD&S Voucher Scheme (which closed on 30th November) has already delivered excellent service for several residents, typically using the 4G signal normally associated with mobile phones, but through a fixed aerial on their individual customer premises. However, this is primarily seen as an interim choice.

Connecting Devon & Somerset - Phase 2…

The crucial Phase 2 CD&S procurement should deliver a wider, longer term service. The Invitation to Tender (ITT) was issued on 8th July 2016 with results expected soon after I write this article, potentially before it is published. In any event, I will publish as early as possible on my website.

An important point this time around, is that BT Openreach is NOT the only potential bidder. It is perhaps also helpful that the use of FTTP (Fibre To The Premises) is now seen as a potential technology by both BT Openreach and other potential bidders. Here the optical fibre runs all the way from the exchange to the property, rather than only to the cabinet. This means capacity is much higher and speeds are maintained as none of the connection is over old copper cables.

There would be a certain irony were it that those initially neglected, ultimately receive a better service than those upgraded early in the process. This is by no means impossible as Gigaclear has already indicated an intention to provide a potential service up to 1Gbps (1,000Mbps) near Upottery - undreamed of here! Now, that would be a great Christmas present for rural homes and businesses!

Happy Christmas and a safe, healthy and enjoyable New Year to all!

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