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A large proportion of Council services are now available 24hrs a day, every day, directly from your Smartphone or Tablet.

The free East Devon mobile app is now available to download, for iphone users from the Apple App Store and for Android smartphone users from the Google Play Store. Simply Click on the appropriate store link to download to your Smartphone.

What can I do?…

The app is regularly upgraded and extended, now including;


This section, like the newsroom section on, allows direct access to all the latest Council news across East Devon.


Will take you directly to the Twitter postings from our groups across the council.

Report It

Immediately allows us to report problems from fifteen different areas.

These range from Animal Fouling, through Damaged or Full Dog or Litter Bins, Dead Animals, Fly tipping, Graffiti, and Litter, to Missed Clinical, Recycling or Refuse collections and Abandoned Vehicles.

A problem in any of these areas can be reported through simple, easy to navigate forms.


This section included not just my contact details, as our East Devon District Ward Member, but also those of my colleagues across the District. This may be useful if your query relates to a matter outside Trinity Ward.

Waste Collection

Click on ‘Waste Collection’ to set up notifications. Get a free email, at 4.00pm on the day before your Refuse Bins, Recycling Box and Sack or Food Caddies will be emptied.

This section is particularly useful as, by clicking the ‘Waste Container Information’ link, we can also find out which container our waste and recycling should be put in for collection.

Find my nearest

This section includes links to our nearest Leisure and Culture, Waste & Recycling, Visiting and Community and Living, all sorted by their distance from our own home postcode.

‘Leisure & Culture’ includes information on our superb local Nature Reserves, Libraries, Museums & Galleries, Leisure Facilities, Parks and Gardens.

‘Waste & Recycling’ includes our Car Parks (with maps to each individual location and charges) and Tourist Information Centres.

‘Community & Living’ includes the same information and maps for Registry Offices, Council Buildings, Police Stations, Hospitals and Doctors Surgeries.

Eating Out

Gives full details on places to eat out locally. We can search by list, map or ‘Nearby’. Each listing includes the premise Food Hygiene Rating (0 to 5 stars), based on the most recent inspection by council Environmental Health Officers.


Here you can view all current planning applications, as they are validated. Access all application documents to follow the progress of any individual planning application through the planning process. Applications are sorted by distance from your property, with those closest presented first.

Contact Us

If you need to contact the council, this section includes a map to the location of Council Offices at The Knowle, Main Switchboard, Customer Services and the 24hr emergency contact number.

From modest beginnings, the council ‘app’ is rapidly gaining in popularity, as the services portfolio offered online is extended. The convenience of being able to get to information or services required quickly, at any time of day or night, from any Apple or Android Smartphone or Tablet, is increasingly valued by residents as a companion to more tradition personal visits, phone or letters, which will continue to be offered to those who need them.

Full details on all stories and the latest news on my website

Cllr Ian Thomas – Trinity Ward, East Devon District Council
Inform - Consult – Participate
Mobile: 07884 494474
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Facebook :
Twitter : @CllrIanThomas


Uplyme Parish Magazine Article - April 2018

69,000 Council Tax Bills distributed as 2018-19 Council Tax Finalised.
Most of us will have received our Council Tax bills for the coming year.

Whilst our bills are all distributed, and payments collected by East Devon District Council, it is important to recognise that only 8p in every pound collected is paid to the District Council Itself. This equates to £136.78 per annum for a Band D property, an increase of 3.79% over 2017-18.

The remainder is collected on behalf of other public bodies. The amounts for the same Band D property are shown, as an illustration;

Devon County Council,                                                      £1,331.19 +4.99%
Police and Crime Commissioner for Devon and Cornwall,      £188.28 +6.81%
Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Authority,                  £84.01 +2.99%
Uplyme Parish Council                                                       £40.14 +17.4%

Total Charge for a Band D property in Uplyme… £1,780.40

Chance to do more online…

This is always a busy time of year for our Council Tax team so, to help answer many possible questions and discover how much more can be done online we can now complete many more tasks online, see 

We can tell the council online if we are moving, if we want to make a payment, or set up our Council Tax payments by Direct Debit.

Can I get help if I find payment difficult?

If any residents are concerned they may struggle to settle their Council Tax bill, I urge them to contact our council team as soon as possible.

Depending on individual circumstances, it may be possible to reduce the amount of Council tax you have to pay or change the date you have to pay it.

The District Council is also pleased to offer free independent and confidential help and advice to help our residents manage within limited family budgets. 

Trinity Member to take on leadership of East Devon District Council.

As our ward member since 2009, I am honoured to be able to confirm I have been elected to lead the Conservative Group on East Devon District Council. I will move, from my current position as Finance Portfolio Holder, to take over leadership of the full East Devon District Council at the Annual meeting on 16th May.

18-02-23 ThomasI hope that we can all share this honour, as it will be the first time a representative of Uplyme, Combpyne-Rousdon and Axmouth, in the ‘far East’ of the district, will have held the leadership position. This will help me to continue to represent not just our ward in the future, but also to help shape the future of the wider district.

Our council will continue to focus on ensuring high quality affordable homes for all, the right size and in the right place. Unlike many authorities, we still own over 4,200 properties which means that over 9,000 East Devon residents already live in our safe, secure accommodation.

All our elected Members and Officers will be working together to deliver an economy which works for all, to secure not just well-paid year-round employment, including 10,000 new jobs in our Enterprise Zone, but also matching skills to employment opportunity right across the district.

Our team will continue to deliver the services our residents and businesses value, despite additional pressure caused by effective removal of all our central government funding. The innovative kerbside refuse collection and recycling, we all enjoy in Trinity, now recycles 58% of all kerbside waste collection putting us in the top 20 English authorities. 10,000 bins for a new ‘Green Waste’ kerbside collection service are already in East Devon, ready for the ‘roll out’ across the district very soon.

We live in an amazing place and are uniquely fortunate to work within the framework of a natural environment second to none, supported by a range of leisure facilities and arts and culture events essential to our health, safety, prosperity and happiness. I will continue to do all I can to ensure that continues.

Full details on all stories and the latest news on my website

Cllr Ian Thomas – Trinity Ward, East Devon District Council
Inform - Consult – Participate
Mobile: 07884 494474
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Facebook :
Twitter : @CllrIanThomas

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