Uplyme Parish Magazine - July 2017 Article

New East Devon recycling service off to promising start…
Uplyme and other Trinity Ward residents were among an additional 51,000 households joining the new waste collection and recycling service on 12th June.

Early signs are promising, at the time of writing, with big increases in the amount of waste collected for recycling in the first three days;

Axminster, Beer and Seaton (Mon 12th) UP 37% on same week last year.
Sidmouth and Ottery (Tue 13th) UP 44%
Honiton (Wed 14th) UP 33%

Cardboard, plastics, cartons and small electrical goods have been added to the extensive list of recycling items we can recycle at the roadside every week. Items now suitable for recycling also include; food waste, paper, glass bottles and jars, tins and cans, textiles, shoes, foil and batteries. This means that yoghurt pots, plastic meat and vegetable trays (excluding their polythene covers), margarine and ice cream tubs, cartons and Tetra Paks, small electrical items such as irons, printed card, egg boxes, tubes from toilet and kitchen rolls, brown cardboard boxes, card from packaging such as toys, clean cardboard food packaging (cereal packets, cardboard sleeves) and much, much more is collected every week.

The collection of additional recycling items and food waste caddies from the kerbside is coupled with a reduction in emptying of grey wheeled waste bins, now emptied every three weeks.

If anyone needs assistance or advice about the new service, please contact East Devon District Council on 01395 571515.

London Tower Block fire…
Nobody could fail to be moved by the terrible London tower block fire, angry that such loss of life could happen and dedicated to doing everything possible to make sure it cannot happen again.

This will be causing all responsible landlords to double check their fire safety procedures and practices. I have received confirmation that, whilst East Devon District Council has no high-rise blocks in our council home stock, we do have flats, community centres and communal stairs that require proper protection, signage, emergency lighting and fire alarms etc.

Compliance with all safety requirements is a priority for us as a landlord, including fire safety. We have Fire Risk Assessments and procedures in place to keep our tenants safe.

East Devon District Council recognises that we need to be constantly vigilant when it comes to fire risk and never become complacent, so our Officers are constantly checking premises and fire evacuation procedures.

The council has a programme of undertaking ‘Fire Risk Assessments’, identifying and completing any works needed, as well as ensuring our tenants know what to do in the event of a fire.

Our tallest building is just four floors, but this does not mean the council is complacent as a landlord, with the safety of our residents the top priority for the council. Our zero-tolerance approach to possessions and obstructions in communal areas has sometimes been controversial with tenants, but recent events show that this element of our fire precaution work needs to be rigorously enforced.

The Council has a Housing Review Board which manages our housing stock. The board consists of five councillors, five tenants and leaseholder representatives, and two independent community representatives. The non-councillor members are co-opted members and have the right to vote.

The role of the housing review board includes advising the cabinet on housing policy and operational practice, where this affects the council's tenants and leaseholders. It most recently met on 15th June. Meetings are open to the public.

Neil Parish re-elected to represent us in Parliament …
As fallout from the general election continues, we await the Queen’s Speech and ‘Brexit’ negotiations are due to start, finally to confirm the election results for the Tiverton and Honiton Constituency, which includes Uplyme and the other Trinity parishes;

Votes Change v 2015
Caroline Julia KOLEK (Labour) 15,670 27.1% +14.4%
Neil PARISH (Conservative) 35,471 61.4% +7.4
Gill WESTCOTT (Green) 2,035 3.5% -2.8%
Matthew WILSON (Liberal Democrat) 4,639 8.0% -2.4%

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Uplyme Parish Magazine - April 2017 Article

Council Tax bills hit the doorstep, with 5% overall increase…

Our Council Tax bill for 2017/18 has dropped on the mat this morning. After years of little or no increase, this year is very different. East Devon District Council will be collecting approximately 5% more than last year. This is a significant increase for many households on one of their largest bills. For many, it is unlikely Council Tax increases will be reflected by similar household income growth.

East Devon District Council collects Council Tax, not just on its own behalf, but contributions for Devon County Council, Police and Crime Commissioner for Devon and Cornwall, Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue, and a Parish or Town Council – for us, Uplyme Parish Council.

Funding and budgets are often seen as ‘dry’ or ‘boring’ subjects, but they affect us all. As Cabinet Member, responsible for Finance at East Devon District Council, I hope you find my, very brief, summary of 2017/18 Council Tax and its effect on us in Uplyme, as ‘interesting’ as possible?!

How much more is for each authority for 2017/18?

£1,691.74 Council Tax will be collected by EDDC in 2017/18 from an Uplyme Band D property. The average for similar properties across East Devon is £1,714.87. Recipients will be;

Authority;                                              2017/18              % Inc              £ Inc      % of Total

Devon County Council                     £1,267.92                 4.99%          £60.30               74%
Police & Crime Commissioner            £176.28                 1.99%            £3.44               10%        
East Devon District Council                £131.78                 3.94%            £5.00                 8%
Devon & Somerset Fire and Rescue    £81.57                 1.99%            £1.59                 5%
Uplyme Parish Council                          £34.19              44.93%          £10.60                 3%

What do they do for us?

Devon County Council provides education, roads, care for older people and people with disabilities, child protection, youth services, libraries, recycling and waste disposal services.

DCC receives by far the lion’s share of council tax collections. Its’ £1,267.92 charge, is an increase of 4.99% or £60.30 per property over last year. 3%, or £36.23 relates to additional funding for adult social care, which adds just over £10.2m. This additional important funding for adult social care comes through a call through DCC’s council tax authorised by the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government. It is expected to be repeated each year to 2019-20.

Unfortunately, overall Central Government funding for DCC will reduce by £23.3m, from £151.6m in 2016/17 to £128.3m in 2017/18. This means that our county council still faces significant funding challenges and pressure on the delivery of services.

East Devon District Council provides refuse collection, kerbside recycling, council housing, planning, street cleaning, parks play areas and leisure centres.

The authority plans to spend £75.2m this year, providing services to approx.138,000 people. £30m will be spent on Housing Benefit payments and £4.6m collecting waste and recycling, leaving £36.5m for other services.

£63.3m, down £5.2m from last year, comes from income received from government grants, housing rents, fees and charges. This leaves £7.6m to be raised from council tax, an increase of £0.4m

Devon & Cornwall Police Authority provides law and order and crime reduction.

The police authority will receive £176.28 from each Band D property this year, an increase of 1.99%. Council Tax receipts provide the force with £103.1m of the total £298m it has budgeted to spend.

Devon & Somerset Fire and Rescue provides fire prevention and fire and rescue services.

Fire and rescue revenue budgets for 2017/18 reduced by £1.6m over last year to £72.6m. Increases in pay, prices and funding of investments designed to make future saving, have been more than compensated by budget savings. Council Tax funding requirement increased by £1.8m to £49m.

Government grants reduced by £3m in 2017/18 over 2016/17. A reduction of 24.6% is expected in the period 2016/17 to 2019/20 – the seventh worst settlement of all fire authorities in the country!

Not surprisingly, our fire authority in continuing to lobby Central Government to argue the case of challenges facing a rural fire authority.

Uplyme Parish Council uses its precept, collected via Council Tax, to provide local amenities.

The 2017/18 ‘precept’ to serve Uplyme parish is £29,817.00 (£34.19), a 45% increase from £20,239.97 (£23.59/property) in 2016/17. However, Uplyme 2017/18 precept is still £23.13 less than the average for East Devon Town and Parish Councils, of £57.32 per property.

Full details on all stories and the latest news on my website www.trinitymatters.co.uk

Cllr Ian Thomas – Trinity Ward, East Devon District Council
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