***Further Update - 5th Aug*** Application 15/0851/MOUT – Land West of Shire Lane, Uplyme Featured

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*** Further Update - 5th August 2015 ***

I have just heard from colleagues at EDDC that notification has been received from DCLG that it is content for the Decision Notice on this application to be issued today. The application has therefore been refused by East Devon District Council.

An enquiry was made as to the reasoning behind consideration by DCLG of a possible 'call-in' and the requestor, but DCLG is not prepared to release that information.

Update Ends...

The major application from Hallam Land Management, for the construction of up to 120 residential dwellings, or up 100 dwellings plus land for a care home/extra care housing, was consider by the Development Management Chairman’s Delegation Meeting this morning (Tuesday 4th August).

After consideration of the Officers Report, other application papers and representations, the Chair and Vice Chair confirmed the Officer recommendation that the application be refused. East Devon District Council has therefor refused the application.

In an unusual twist, the meeting was informed that the DCLG (Department for Communities and Local Government) has asked for a copy of the draft decision notice and will now consider whether or not to ‘call-in’ the application for decision by the Secretary of State The Rt Hon Greg Clark MP. This means that a Decision Notice will not be issued by EDDC until a decision on whether or not the Secretary of State wishes to ‘call-in’ the local authority decision is received from DCLG.

In the event that the application is 'called-in' then the ultimate decision on the application will be that of the Secretary of State, rather than East Devon District Council.

It is not clear why DCLG might have been asked to take such a close interest in this relatively modest application, on what potential grounds or at whose behest. I will update Trinity residents when such information is available.

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Application 15/0851/MOUT – Land West of Shire Lane, Uplyme 


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